Ghost, the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars needed to create a spine-tingling experience to lead up to the reveal of the new Ghost.

The content had to be powerful, yet refined and sensual, to suit the character of the car itself, which is the heart of the brand.


Client: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Agency: Imagination

Content Creative Director: Cath Elliott
3D Animation: Al Liddell
Edit & Post: Cath Elliott
Music: Dom Shovelton
Digital Producer: Ozie Foster
Account Director: Kate Howells

The Challenge

How do you communicate the essence of Ghost without actually showing it?

How can you engage with millions to attune them to the reveal, to create maximum anticipation?

Creative solution

We created a visceral concept that could become a dynamic, visual symbol of the new Ghost - Silk.

The silk epitomises the character of Ghost.

It’s pure, simple and effortless qualities are displayed in a beautiful choreography inspired by the design & dynamics of the vehicle.


We constructed the narrative around five defining features of the vehicle; the profile, the fender line, illuminated grille, fascia and the extended shoulder line, whilst keeping the Spirit of Ecstacy at the very heart of the story as the vehicle is teased into life.

This choreography of features helped us to chart a course for the silk and weave the narrative into an order which would build to a visual and musical crescendo.



We developed a CG silk using a mixture of X-particles, Houdini and C4D's own cloth simulation which would allow us to control the material as it moved throughout the space and interacted with the vehicle.

It was important to retain a sense of lightness & fluidity whilst enabling the form to be teased through the material.


The teaser film was pushed out across all social channels, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The content had a big impact, these are the results after only 4 days.

Total reach: 28.4m | Total views: 650,000 | Total engagement: 8,000

A truly wonderful project to have been involved with.

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