One Life, Many Lifestyles

Content creative direction for the reveal of Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the latest edition to the Rolls-Royce product line.

The vehicle was exclusively revealed to a select audience in the UK before embarking on a tour of 17 cities where guests were invited to an open-room viewing.


Client: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Agency: Imagination

Content Creative Director: Cath Elliott
Lead Animator: Al Liddell

Reveal Film edit: Cath Elliott

Reveal Music: Dom Shovelton
Tour Music: Res Lab

Goodwood Prelaunch Event Film crew
DoP: James Medcraft
2nd Camera: Tobias Rothwell

A beautiful diamond take-over sequence fills the space, encapsulating three attributes of the diamond; its Cut, its Scintillation and its Symmetry.

Light and visuals move in a tantalising sequence with Cullinan at the very heart of the experience. The vehicle itself reflecting the beauty of the name by which it is called.

The three attributes become narrative 'reveal' mechanisms into the world of Cullinan throughout the sequence.

Through the diamond's Cut, we reveal landscapes. Through its Scintillation, we reveal lifestyle and through its Symmetry we reveal product.

A global creative concept adapted for Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia.

Running Time: 16 minutes



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