Built on 140 years of innovation and adventure, Jaguar Land Rover sit at the very forefront of British design and technology.

We had the unique opportunity to create a visual identity which would unite both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands under one, overarching JLR vision:

  • Innovative British Design
  • Engineering Excellence

We chose specific product textures from each brand, along with key colours to distinguish personality, creating an unfolding journey through a highly technical environment which would reveal a Union Jack.

Sound design elements were created by Sisi Lu/North of X, processing recordings made at the JLR factory, all brought together by composer Dom Shovelton in a contemporary sound track with maximum impact.

The identity spans across a number of moving image assets from countdown sequences for press shows to name stings and speaker support for global PR events.

Each asset playing its own unique role in bringing a sense of drama, theatre and visual consistency to the stage.


Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: Imagination

Content Design & Direction: Cath Elliott
Animation: Al Liddel
Music: Dom Shovelton
Sound Design elements: Sisi Lu/North of X




We designed all assets upfront to allow for flexibility across the global. The LED screen formats differ in each region, with varying degrees of theatre ranging from two tracking LED screens in Europe to a gigantic 64x9 screen splitting into 24 fingers in parts of Asia. 


Using Format