In February 2015 I was invited by Piano Interrupted (Tom Hodge & Franz Kirmann) to travel to Dakar, Senegal and document the process behind the bands 3rd album Landscapes Of The Unfinished.

Inspired by the half-built geometric landscapes of Ngor, these observations became the creative foundation behind the album artwork and animated teasers, a visual response to the environment, working in parallel with the musical concepts.

The trip resulted in several pieces of work spanning across album artwork, a short fly-on-the-wall documentary, animated stings and a music video. 


Artists: Piano Interrupted
Album Design & Photography: Cath Elliott
Documentary & Teasers: Cath Elliott
Publisher: Denovali Records


Photographs of textures and an unfinished building are deconstructed against a 9 section grid, representative of the 9 musicians recorded in the studio. 

The deconstruction journey continues deep into the design where imagery becomes larger and more abstract until only macro textures appear on the CD/ LP surface, the furthest layer inside  the design.


Simplified architectural forms act as animated mattes to reveal textures and create visual rhythm against sound. 

Inspired by the bands own working process of recording and processing, the teasers then served as additional material from which further deconstruction could be applied in order to create longer, more complex beds for live visuals and music videos.

Deconstruction and degradation through a process of recapture and repetition.



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