Breaking Conventions was the theme of this years conference held at 1862, Shanghai. 

We were asked to develop an identity for the event which would help set the tone of the conference from the opening film and conference graphics, all the way through to the evening celebrations. 

We kept The Spirit of Ecstasy at the very heart of this message, reflecting a series of beautifully intricate particle based textures across her form in abstract closeups.

We cross-cut these views with her more familiar silver form creating a sense of mystery and rich visual wonder.


Client: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Agency: Imagination

Content Creative Director: Cath Elliott
Animation: Al Liddell
Macro Fluid: Roman De Giuli
Edit & Post: Cath Elliott
Music: Dom Shovelton

Immersive Dinner

The conference identity filtered through into the evening where dealers experienced an incredible two hour, multi-sensory immersive dinner.

The dinner was supported with brand assets which were adapted to work as projected backdrops.


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