As part of the global roll out of assets for the Jaguar Land Rover auto show stand, the brief was to create an exciting countdown sequence which would serve as an attractor on a large 32x9 moving LED screen.

The screens would theatrically track from the centre of the stand towards the Jaguar display with synchronised music and lighting, attracting attention and building anticipation for the preceding 'hero show' content; a 3 minute video sequence choreographed with a motorised turntable displaying the latest Jaguar product.

We translated Jaguar's brand strategy Alive into an energetic motion graphics piece which was then applied to other touch points across the auto show stand.

From digital buttons to interactive behaviours, LED content to sound design, Alive was the red thread running through the entire content.


Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: Imagination

Content Design & Direction: Cath Elliott
Animation: Cath Elliott & Otto Philip

Music: Dom Shovelton

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