After darkness comes Dawn.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars needed an elegant scene-setting backdrop to the launch of their much anticipated new addition, Dawn.  

The content had to encapsulate the experience of driving with the luxurious qualities of the vehicle, providing a breath taking multi-screen  film for guests to enjoy as they anticipated the arrival of Dawn.


Client: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Agency: Imagination

Exec Creative Director: Steve Lidbury

Content Creative Director: Cath Elliott
Digital Producer: Kerry Adams

Sound: Adelphoi
Editor: Martin Swann

LA shoot:
Director: Cath Elliott
Producer: Carrie Budge
DoP: Josh Franer & Matt Ryan
1st AC unit 1: Andrew Porras
1st AC unit 2: Rich Hawkinson
DIT: Cid Salcido
Grip: Casey Slade
PA: Justin Rausch
Camera Car: Jack Carpenter

Los Angeles

Over the course of 5 days, we filmed a series of vignettes across the many beautiful landscapes of Los Angeles. From downtown to the canyons, forests to the coast, we rose early to capture the breaking of light as it danced across surfaces and dappled through canopies.

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